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Dante Dall'Antonia

Dante started armwrestling in April of 2002 after meeting National Champion Bernie Lemay at work. He and his brother Anthony went to practice with Bernie and both got beat. They weren't used to losing so after that they started to train once a week, bought and built a few tables and then started to host practice. Dante is one of the best coaches on the team and is responsible for the success of his brother by being his training partner since day one. We joke amongst the team that Dante is the "Strongest guy you've never heard of" because he is a beast at practice but rarely goes to tournaments.


height: 5 ft 10"

weight: competed at 176lbs and currently at 198lbs

pulling style: Hook or Press

Competed in the following locations:

Canadian Provinces: BC, Alberta, Ontario, 

US States: Washington, California

Other: Italy


Provincial Champion

Canadian Nationals Silver Medalist (2006)