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Clayton Faulconer

Clayton's armwrestling career began in 1992 in Cranbrook BC with John Rossel, Larry Verigan, Spencer Laurie, Corey Barnhardt and Aaron Penner. After being with that club, Clayton moved to Prince George and trained there for four years. In 2005 he moved to Vancouver and has been with the Vancouver Armwrestling Club ever since. Clayton also hosted the 2015 National Championship in Vancouver.


height: 6 ft

weight: compete at 176lbs or 187lbs

pulling style: Hook or Toproll

Competed in the following locations:

Canadian Provinces: BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI

US States: Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Ohio

Other: Brazil, England, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland


Many time Provincial Champion

8 time National Champion (masters class)

2 time North American Champion (1 open/1 masters)

John Miazdzyk Award Recipient (2015)

Inducted into the BC Armwrestling Association Hall of Fame (2018)