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Patrick 'Butcher' Callan

Butcher started pulling in 1988 in Ontario after seeing armwrestling on the Wild World of Sports t.v show. It led to him attending a tournament hosted by the Port Perry Armwrestling Club and he asked them if he could join their team. He was denied because they said he was not strong enough at the time. Butcher then drove 5 hours to London, bought a table from the late Murray Park, returned to Peterborough where he started the Kawartha Armwrestling Club. In 1994, Butcher moved to BC and got in touch with Dave Hicks and has been an important part of the Vancouver Armwrestling Club ever since.


height: 5 ft 11"

weight: compete at 198lbs

pulling style: Grinding tendons to the pin line

Competed or was a referee in the following locations:

Canadian Provinces: BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI

US States: Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Ohio, New York, Vermont

Other: Brazil, Bulgaria, England, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Romania


10 time Provincial Champion

8 time National Champion (3 open/5 masters)

One of the founding members of the Ontario Armwrestling Association

CAWF Master Referee

John Miazdzyk Award Recipient (2008)

Inducted into the BC Armwrestling Association Hall of Fame (2008)

Inducted into the Ontario Armwrestling Association Hall of Fame (2019)