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Our Club History


The Vancouver Armwrestling Club formed in 1993 when two Alberta armwrestlers moved to BC: Bernie Lemay of Edmonton and Dave Hicks of Stoney Plain. The club was located in New Westminster and was called "West Coast Arms" at the time. One year later in 1994 another out of province armwrestler moved to BC to join the team, Patrick Callan of Peterborough Ontario. The club had many successful years with many new pullers coming and going throughout the years and the location changed from New Westminster, Surrey, Vancouver to Port Coquitlam. Around 1999 there was a pause with the club for a few years until early 2002. That was when Bernie Lemay and Dante Dall'Antonia met. Along with his brother Anthony, the Dall'Antonia brothers got the club back together and set up the Burnaby training facility for the Vancouver Armwrestling Club. We have been growing and getting stronger ever since. We are proud to have one of the best teams in Canada with tons of knowledge and experience. In our group we have World, National and Provincial Champions as well as Master Referees.

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